Field work experience

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Whilst working for the RSPB I was able to spend time honing my bryophyte identification skills whilst getting experience of surveying in a range of habitats and compiling reports:


Vegetation survey at the planning stage for a commercial site near Carnforth - the company was interested in the conservation potential of an area of reed bed on their site that was not going to be developed.

2008-2010 - Ben Lawers NNR

I spent three seasons at Ben Lawers, the first volunteering carrying out a range of tasks including snow pearlwort monitoring, tree nursery work, bird surveys for the BTO Atlas and grazing pressure surveys. The second and third seasons I was employed as the seasonal ecologist which involved carrying out and reporting Site Condition Monitoring of habitats, detailed surveys of vascular plant species and watervole and red squirrel surveys. The habitats that I surveyed were Alpine Calcareous grassland, Alkaline Fen, Blanket Bog, montane Willow scrub and Dry heath. The plant species that I surveyed were Carex microglochin, Veronica fruticans, Kobresia simpliciuscula and Sagina nivalis. I also helped on bryophyte surveys looking for Timmia austriaca, Bryoerythrophyllum caledonicum and Hypnum revolutum.

Buxbaumia viridis

Buxbaumia viridis in Glen Strathfarrar

Alkaline Fen

Alkaline fen monitoring in Glencoe

Campylopus subporodictyon

Campylopus subporodictyon found during a hydro-scheme survey

Andrea nivalis

Andrea nivalis in the Cairngorms


Snowbed monitoring in the Cairngorms


Carex microglochin at Ben Lawers NNR

Salix lanata woodland

Salix lanata 'woodland' in South Iceland

Glyphmitrium daviesii

Glyphomitrium daviesii on St Kilda

St Kilda

Ridge running south to Mullach Bi and also showing Glen Bay taken from An Campur St Kilda


Metzgeria leptoneura on the west coast of Scotland

Quadrat photo

Alpine heath monitoring at Caenlochan NNR


Sphagnum russowii at Abernethy

Bartsia Iceland

Bartsia alpina in Iceland

Sagaina nivalis

Sagina nivalis at Ben Lawers NNR

Sphagnum teres

Sphagnum teres at Abernethy