I also really like knitting! If you would like some made to measure gloves then read on...

As a botanist on cold days I am constantly having to take my gloves on and off to look at things, one option is fingerless gloves but this means that all of your fingers get cold when they don't need to as you only need a thumb and a finger on each hand to look at things with a hand lens so I decided to knit some three fingered gloves! They are also really good when using binoculars and smart phones!

I will knit in dk which is a medium thickness yarn made in your choice of colour and material. I expect the cost to be in the region of £26 depending on the kind of yarn you want.

If you are interested then get in touch with your hand dimensions (as shown on the picture) and the number of fingers you want covered up and we can decide on a yarn.

Measure your dominant hand. Measurements 1 and 2 are all the way around your wrist (1) and all the way around the widest part of your hand (2). Measurement 3 is the longest part of your hand.

I will also need the length of your fingers that you want covered; palm side up measure from the lowest finger crease (where the finger joins your palm) to the finger tip.


I knitted my gloves with a yarn by Noro that changes colour along its length.